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Pebble Beach

One of the most VALUABLE gifts we can give to ourselves is to find a professional counsellor to 

LISTEN to our stories and help NAVIGATE positively through the different stages of our lives. 

A holistic approach to supporting lives, one conversation at a time.




Do you feel confused? Stressed? Alone? At a loss?

Not sure what to do, but know something needs to change?


As client-centered counselling therapists, we aim to understand how the world looks from the point of view of our clients. We understand that you are the expert in your life experience. We offer you a safe space where you can express your present thoughts and feelings, discuss life's challenges, explore your options and develop new skills that promote a healthier sense of well-being and lifestyle.

We can help with:

  • managing anxiety/depression

  • stress management and life transitions

  • grief/loss counselling and recovery

  • trauma/chronic stress, understanding, support and recovery

  • intimate relationship difficulties, including physical/emotional/verbal abuse support & recovery

  • parenting/family issues

  • anger management

  • self-care development 

  • addictions

  • counselling & skill-building for children ages 8-17

  • crisis management 


How we can Help You

Quiet Desk

Matters of Heart and Mind currently offers their services through In-person Sessions or Secure Online Sessions.

Benefits of  Online Counselling include:

  • Accessibility-  If you are unable to access services due to your location/lack of transportation or other life circumstances

  • Comfort- you prefer to engage in counselling from the privacy of your home or office

  • Health and Safety- you are concerned about the Covid-19 pandemic and social distancing practices.

Our counselling therapists have received specialized training in remote modalities and use a secure and confidential platform designed for counselling on-line.

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